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American State Papers & the Serial Set

The American State Papers and the U.S. Serial Set contain congressional reports and documents, and selected material from the executive branch and nongovernmental organizations.

The Library of Congress' A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation collection has the American State Papers and selected reports and documents from the early U.S. Serial Set
      •  American State Papers 1789 - 1838
      •  U.S. Serial Set 1833-1917. Selected documents & reports from the 23rd - 63rd Congresses.

American State Papers in the library: Special Collections/Colver  f J33  38 volumes

American State Papers [Readex] 1789 to 1838 (Fresno State access only)

U.S. Congressional Serial Set via  from 1995-96  (104th Congress) on.

U.S. Congressional Serial Set 1817-1994 [Readex] (Fresno State access only)

Congressional Record & Its Predecessors

The Congressional Record and its predecessors are the official record of the proceedings and debates of Congress.

Congressional Record via
      •  Congressional Record (Daily) 1994 on  (103rd Congress, 2nd Session-    )
      •  History of Bills 1983-1984 on  (98th Congress, 1st Session-   )
      •  Congressional Record Index (Daily) 1983 on  (98th Congress, 1st Session-   )
      •  Congressional Record (Bound), March 1873 on  (43rd Congress, Special Session-   )

Congressional Record 1917-1919 on (56th Congress, 1st Session- ) via  Library of Congress

The full-text of the predecessors to the Congressional Record is available through the Library of Congress' A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation collection. Some of the early Congressional Record is also available on that site:

      •  Annals of Congress 1774-1824  (1st Congress - 18th Congress, 1st Session)

      •  Register of Debates 1824-1837  (18th Congress, 2nd Session - 25th Congress, 1st Session )

      •  Congressional Globe 1833-1873  (23rd - 42nd Congresses)

      •  Congressional Record 1873-1875 only  (43rd Congress)

Foreign Relations of the United States

Foreign Relations of the United States.  U.S. Department of State
This series "presents the official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity."
About the FRUS

      •  Search or Browse by Administration, (Lincoln, 1861--    )
      •  1861-1996 University of Wisconsin Digitized Collection

In the library: most volumes are shelved in Lower Level JX 233 .A3
Some have microfiche supplements shelved in First Floor, Government Information US  S 1.11:  Check OneSearch for details
Some volumes have other call numbers, such as:
      •  Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States, 1914-1918: Supplement. The world war.
         Lower Level D753 .U58
      •  The Paris Peace Conference, 1919.
          Lower Level   D642 .U6
      •  Foreign relations of the United States Diplomatic papers:the Conferences at Cairo and Tehran. 1943.
         Lower Level   D734.A1 U53  
      •  Foreign Relations of the United States, Japan, 1931-1941.
         Lower Level   E183.8.J3 U6
      •  Foreign Relations of the United States, Diplomatic Papers, China 1942-1943.
          Lower Level   JX1428.C6 A54
      •  The Conferences at Washington and Quebec, 1943.
         Lower Level  D734.A1 U57
      •  The Conference at Quebec, 1944. 
          Lower Level  D734 .Q4 1944z
      •  The Conference of Berlin (the Potsdam Conference), 1945.
         Lower Level  D734 .B4 1945  
A few more in other places in the Library can be found via this advanced search for title "foreign relations of the united states" and author "state"