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Music 171 -- Introduction to the World's Music -- Dr. Donald Henriques

Browse the Stacks

The library uses the Library of Congress Classification system. Because books are organized by subject, you can use this system to browse the stacks and find books that are similar on the same shelf.

810.3 American fiction by Helder da Rocha

Below are some of the subclasses in the area of Music (M, ML, MT) that may help you as you browse the stacks. Please note that books about music (ML's and MT's) are located on the Library's Lower Level.  Music scores (class M) are located on the 3rd floor of the north wing.  Sound recordings are located on the 3rd floor of the north wing.  Their call numbers begin with the letters CD, L and ST.  For the complete Library of Congress Classification Schedule, click here.

  • M - Music Scores
  • ML - Literature on Music
  • MT - Musical Instruction and Study

How Call Numbers Work

Here is an example of a call number that you might find on a book:



  1. Books are shelved alphabetically by the first letter or letters (ML)
  2. They are then arranged numerically by the number that comes after the letters (410)
  3. Finally, books are shelved alphabetically by the next letter and then decimally by the following number (.M115 M3)


A bibliography is a list of citations for books, journal articles and other resources compiled by an expert on a particular subject. They are a great starting point when you want to find out what research has already been done in a particular area.

Bibliographies can be found at the end of a journal or encyclopedia article. They are also sometimes published as entire books. These books are not shelved with the other books on the same subject but are instead shelved separately in the Z call numbers (Z1201-Z8999). You can locate published bibliographies by browsing the stacks in this area or by using the search box on the library's home page using your author or topic combined with the search term bibliography.

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Interlibrary Loan

Didn't find the book you were looking for in the catalog?

There are two options for borrowing from other libraries:

  • CSU+ lets you request books from other CSU libraries, which usually arrive in just a few days.
  • InterLibrary Loan takes requests for books, articles, and other kinds of materials for libraries around the world. If you can't find a book at Fresno State or in CSU+, try requesting it through InterLibrary Loan.