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Music 171 -- Introduction to the World's Music -- Dr. Donald Henriques

Some searching tips

There are several ways to do searches in the online catalog.  One of the best ways to search for music is to search using keywords.

There are terms that will provide the best results.

Examples of such terms include name of composers, names of editors, names of publishers (e.g. henle), numbers (e.g. opus numbers, BWV numbers, Köchel numbers, etc.), genre or form terms, distinctive titles, and names of instruments.


  • brahms and 118 (will find records containing Brahms’s op. 118)
  • pavan or pavane (will find records with either spelling)
  • purcell not dido (will find works by Purcell, except for those with the word “Dido” in them.)
  • “nozze di figaro” (using "" will find records containing the phrase)
  • brahms and intermezz? (example of truncation using the question mark sign)
  • trios and clarinet and bassoon


Where are scores and recordings shelved?

Scores, recordings and videos are available in Music & Media on the 3rd floor of the new north wing of the Library.  Scores and videos are on open shelves for you to browse.  Sound recordings are shelved in closed stacks.  You may search for a recording in the online catalog and request it at the Music & Media Service Desk.  Staff in Music & Media will be happy to assist you in finding recordings.

Find Scores and Recordings at Fresno State and in Libraries Around the World

Need a score or recording? Search the links below for the books at Fresno State and in libraries around the world.

Limit your search to Scores, Recordings or Videos

When searching for scores, recordings or videos it is possible to limit your search by format.

Select "Search Specific Collections" and "Music/Media Collection" when searching from the Library's homepage search box

Select "Advanced Search" if you'd like to search just Music Scores or Music Recordings or Videorecordings.