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Japanese Americans in World War II


Government-made films

Challenge to Democracy.  Circa 1944 film made for the Department of the Interior:

Japanese Relocation.  1943 film directed by the War Activities Committee of the Motion Picture Industry and produced by the Office of War Information, Bureau of Motion Pictures:

My Japan.  A 1945 U.S. Treasury Department film:

Our Enemy: The Japanese.  A 1943 U.S. Navy training film released by the Office of War Information, Bureau of Motion Pictures:


Tokio Jokio.  1943 Looney Tunes cartoon:

You're a Sap, Mr. Jap.  1941 Popye the Sailor cartoon:


Posters and Other Images

Jappy so-o-o happy when this happens to you The little Jap is a BIG JOB!

Material Conservation "Jap Trap" Tokio Kid say-driving like sap helping for Jap thank you

Tokio Kid say-wash up early, rush out door, give Jap time, for win war Tokio Kid say boom planes saved from box of scrap make so very unhappy Jap

Keep talking, I'm all ears (racist depiction of Japanese soldier as an ape)